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Summer Project Leaders

The Summer Leadership Program is an enrichment program for 3rd-8th-grade girls. The program meets at the Rosedale Center from 9 am - 2 pm every day from Monday to Friday. Students have fun, experience something new, practice interacting respectfully with one another and the staff, and challenge themselves to develop into well-rounded and conscientious young women.

Volunteer leaders commit to leading the students in various activities, teaching Leadership and mentoring students appropriately. They work with the Program Director to provide engaging activities for the students and are personally attentive to the needs of each student while activities are in session. 

The program is divided into four different programs. Each program will be developed in a week from early July to early August as follows:

Week 1: Arts & Crafts
Week 2: Culinary Art
Week 3: Coding and STEM
Week 4: Acting and Dance
(Changes may happen)

Leader Tasks

Plan and guide classes: Arts & Crafts/Culinary Art/Coding-STEM/Acting-Dancing, looking at instructions/recipe and considering lesson steps in advance. Teach students skills in food presentation. Facilitate students in work area clean-up. Rosedale will provide the curricula for each program.

Enrichment Activity

Plan and guide various enrichment sessions such as a guest speaker, end of the program presentation, reviewing activity plan in advance. Guide students in clean-up after each activity.

Leadership Class

Guide discussions about values and virtues such as honesty, modesty, sociability, responsibility, and chastity. Help students reflect critically on their behavior and decision-making.

Orientation and Training

There is a mandatory Orientation and Training session for potential Project Leaders. 

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