Coding Was the Most Valued New Skill this Summer

This 2019 Summer Program came strong and full of new ideas and concepts. Coding classes for girls grades 6th to 8th were our latest addition to the summer.

Ten students were enrolled to learn new computer skills. The implementation of this program was possible thanks to the 2018 private donation of four refurbished laptops and to the dedication of Laura Roman in the creation of the curricula.

During the week, each participant was able to work individually with a computer creating incredible digital projects and immediately applying their learned coding skills.

The Coding Program is part of the four week Summer Program. During this week the girls learned the basics of Coding in:

  1. HTML and CSS, which is used for website structure and design.

  2. Scratch, which is platform for learning coding using blocks of commands that, for example, make a character talk, walk, or draw a shape. 

  3. Python, which is used to tell a computer what to do.

  4. SQL, which is used to gather data from a database.

Leadership and Character

When we talk about character, we mean the inward values that determine people's actions. It is a moral compass that walks us through our decision making and choices guide. That is why our programs emphasize character education.

During the Coding Week at Rosedale, the students learned about five more virtues on the Leadership class:

  1. Enthusiasm

  2. Flexibility

  3. Forgiveness

  4. Generosity

  5. Gratefulness

As teachers, volunteers, project leaders or parents, we at Rosedale engage our kids in activities that make them think critically about moral and ethical questions, inspire them to become committed to moral and ethical actions, and give them ample opportunities to practice moral and ethical behavior. Thai is what make us different from the others.

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We are sorry to announce that the SBEF Board of Directors has made the decision to discontinue the programs at Rosedale and Crotona after the end of this school year. The programs will be discontinued