Countless Aromas and Flavors Invaded Rosedale's Kitchen

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

For a full week 25 girls attended the Culinary Art classes scheduled by Rosedale as part of the Summer Program.

Students in third through eighth grade joined the program and learned skills to prepare, and then taste and share a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Each day was programmed to teach/learn basic but important cooking or baking techniques while practicing:

  1. Knife skills and systems

  2. The science of baking

  3. Table decorating, hosting guests and service

  4. Preparation for a feast

  5. Setting up a feast

The Culinary Art Program is one of the most recent programs created at Rosedale Achievement Center. Although, through the Art of Living program on Saturdays, cooking classes have been an important part of Rosedale and a strong way of teaching new life skills to our students.

As part of the curricula, the girls organized a gastronomic feast. The menu was lasagna, fruit salad, and lemonade. For this festivity, the girls learned how to make floral arrangements, preparation of a dining table, napkin folding, and setting up a room. The celebration was hosted by the students and their teachers. The Job Training Program interns and Rosedale staff joined the celebration.

At Rosedale, we believe our young people need to develop as unique human beings trained for life. We know there is a need for human formation and a need of virtues growth. That is why Mentoring and Character Education through the Leadership Class is also included in this program.

Professors Welsh and Ocran explained with ingenious examples and activities the five virtues of the week: Creativity, Dependability, Determination, Diligence, and Discretion.

Father Marty also joined the program and met with the Job Training Program interns for half an hour. He talked about the importance of living sanctity in the ordinary life.

We are sure this group of students left the program with new life skills to be productive and helpful at home or anywhere else. These are some of the recipes prepared by our students:

  1. Pico de gallo

  2. Fruit salad

  3. Homemade tortilla chips

  4. Chocolate truffles

  5. Chicken salad

  6. Chicken & turkey sandwiches

  7. Fruit cups

  8. Marzipan fruit

  9. Chocolate chip cookies

  10. Berry tarts

  11. Lasagna

  12. Cupcakes

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