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The Arts & Crafts Program Was a Success

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

We were glad to have 20 third to eighth grade young girls attending The Arts & Crafts Summer Program for a week. During this week the girls learned new skills and made exciting new projects:

1. A Notebook

2. A pencil case

3. A Desk Organizer

4. Their name initials to decorate their room

5. A greeting card

6. A colorful bracelet

7. An oleo pastel landscape

8. Butterflies, grapes and oranges magnetics

9. A shaggy crafted rug

Every program we develop at Rosedale Achievement Center focuses on the importance of the human being as an individual who is part of the family and part of the society. We encourage our students to understand, care and act upon ethical values. The students were also able to learn about five important virtues:

1. Attentiveness

2. Availability

3. Compassion

4. Conservation

5. Courage

Every project had an important individual impact on each girl. Our Project Leaders used creative educational techniques to relate each activity with the virtue of each day.

We also received the visit of Father Marty John Miller who talked to the girls about Compassion which was the virtue of the day. He explained the importance of being compassionate because it means doing something to relieve someone’s pain. A few students participated in asking and answering questions.

Right now, we are up and running the Culinary Art Program. It started on July 22nd with an early admission at 9am. The STEM and Coding Program will start on July 29th with a lot of amazing projects and activities.

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